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Service Options

Electric Vehicles

Silk Thai Restaurant is the ONLY restaurant in Mandurah that has committed to an eco-friendly set of services using our brand new Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 which are fully-electric and have zero emissions! 

The following eco-friendly services are being offered:

1.   Meal delivery service. We will use the Tesla to do most deliveries.

2.   Silk will also offer a service to pick up and take home our guests in either Tesla or the IONIQ 5.

3.   We will offer two introduction showcases for people interested in learning about the benefits of electric vehicles.


4.   We also rent the IONIQ 5 out to allow guests to experience the future of electric vehicles themselves. 

5.  We have also installed an electric vehicle charging bay directly in front of the restaurant. This is free for diners to use and available to the general public for a small fee per kWh.


These services are also available as gifts by purchasing a voucher here.

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