Fully Licenced & BYO (Wine Only) Kitchen Hours: Mon-Sat from 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm (Closed Sundays)

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  American businessman, Jim Thompson, born in 1906, discovered the unique style and quality of Thai silk and made it one of the most famous and sought after materials in the world. Years later, inspired by his passion, we bring you a taste of that quality in the food, service and decor at our restaurant "Silk". Simply smooth and divine.
Since Silk's original opening in New Zealand in 2006, our Thai chefs have received the highest accolades for preparing the most unique, and yet traditional dishes and Thai flavours. Dish1

Our cuisine is based on the central regions of Thailand, with full flavour curries and delicate wok fried creations. We follow traditional Thai cooking methods as well as adding inspiration to a select range of choices.

Silk's signature dish is the Aussie Rack of Lamb, marinated in Thai herbs and spices. Served on a sizzling hot plate atop fresh seasonal vegetables, we flambé it in Brandy at your table! Simply fantastic! Similar flambéed dishes are available with juicy sirloin, honey roasted duck, and fresh mixed seafood.

Our five different kinds of curries are all made with the same "Medium" level of hotness. From there you can request either "Mild", or "Aussie Hot". For those who like to tease their taste buds, "Thai Hot" is also available, although don't be offended by a few exploratory questions from our team first.

However, Silk has also put a great deal of thought into our menu layout, providing an ease of ordering and flexibility that is truly unique to Silk. Dish2

How do we offer this?? When ordering any of our Wok Favourites (Stir-fry) or creamy Curries, you, the customer, can choose your favourite base ingredient, for example, chicken, beef, duck, lamb, seafood, Tiger prawns, and yes, Vegetables & Tofu.

With fabulous food, value for money, and warm friendly service, you'll have a wonderful experience to remember.

The team at Silk look forward to being of service.